Deck Highlight: Standard Best-of-One Trickery


Standard Best-of-One Trickery by Quixxotical


Last week, I tried plenty of Tibalt’s Tricker in Best-of-Three, which you can watch and read about here at ChannelFireball.com.

After 23 matches, I went 11-12, showing that this deck isn’t a real contender in Best-of-Three and is just a meme deck that can get some crazy games.




However, Best-of-One is a whole different game, as there aren’t any post-sideboard Negates or Duress and your explosiveness in game one can’t be punished.

The list above is from Quixxotical, who reached Mythic in Best-of-One with this deck in just a few days after the reset, and it’s much different from my Best-of-Three one.


Tibalt's Trickery


For starters, it exploits the hand-smoothing algorithm on Arena, playing only 18 lands since you’re most likely going to get two in your opening hand anyway. As a result, it plays way more good hits so that your Tibalt’s Trickery is going to brick (meaning revealing a zero cost spell or another Tibalt’s Trickery) less often.



If you’re up for some trickery, I suggest you giving up on Best-of-Three and play this list in Best-of-One. Good luck!



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