Deck Highlight: Pioneer Sultai Reclamation

Pioneer Sultai Reclamation by Luis Scott-Vargas

I haven’t played with Wilderness Reclamation for a while, long enough that I’m interested in untapping some lands again. There’s something about doubling your mana and drawing lots of cards that appeals to me, which probably comes as no surprise.

The Game Plan

Thoughtseize them, kill their stuff, cast Uro, TItan of Nature’s Wrath and get value off Wilderness Reclamation. Yep, this is Sultai Midrange with more instants, making it a deck that’s seen a ton of success. Even with the Reclamations, I’d still label this as midrange over control. It’s got the instant-speed angle, but it’s not a dedicated Rec deck like Temur in the Standard of yore was.

Key Cards

Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath

Uro remains one of the best cards in every format where it’s legal, though hopefully that list shrinks over time.

Shark Typhoon

This card single-fin-edly makes Wilderness Reclamation good (though Chemister’s Insight is a good support) as Typhoon can be useful with anywhere from two mana upwards. Hardcasting one isn’t a joke and using Rec to cycle into big Sharks is very effective.

Wilderness Reclamation

Like I mentioned, this deck isn’t all-in on Rec, but it’s a low opportunity cost and doubles your mana when you land it. Plus, your opponents will be very scared of it, as they don’t know it’s not integral to your game plan.

ThoughtseizeAbrupt DecayCensorSinister Sabotage

Removal makes the world go around, or at least keeps this deck alive. This is a highly interactive deck, so it needs interaction for it to work.

Opening Hands

As with most midrange decks, you just want a curve of plays that let you disrupt the opponent and stay alive. 

Breeding PoolSwamp (105)Abrupt DecayWilderness ReclamationZagoth TriomeClearwater Pathway // Murkwater PathwayForest (109)

This is a mulligan. It’s too light on action and needs to draw an Uro quickly or its in real trouble.

Shark TyphoonWoodland CemeteryFabled PassageCensorAbrupt DecayExtinction EventShark Typhoon

This is another mulligan. Your lands are too awkward and too few. If this hand had Zagoth Triome over Fabled Passage, enabling a turn two Censor, I’d probably keep it on the play.

Uro, Titan of Nature's WrathZagoth TriomeFabled PassageForest (109)Island (103)Wilderness ReclamationChemister's Insight

Keep on the play, mull on the draw. This is another slow hand, but on the play I’m willing to run it.


If you pine for the days of Wilderness Rec, this is a sweet deck to try. I wouldn’t blame you if you were burned out on Uro (I know I am), but I’m still casting it all the time when I want to win matches and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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