Deck Highlight: Pioneer Jeskai Lukka


Pioneer Jeskai Lukka by CANEPIS16


I haven’t checked in on Pioneer in a while, so I decided to peruse lists from last weekend’s challenge. Who did I find but our old friend Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast, enabled by a sweet new Saga (The Raven’s Warning). This deck is a fun one, and I like how it’s incorporated some new cards.



Header - The Game Plan

Make a creature token using a variety of sources, then cast Transmogrify or Lukka (off The Raven’s Warning) to get Agent of Treachery into play ahead of schedule.

This deck has a lot of redundancy. Besides the four Transmogrifies, The Raven’s Warning gets you both sides of the combo, making it easy to get the first Agent into play. Once it hits, it buys you the time needed to combo again and takes full advantage of having Yorion as your companion.


Header - Key Cards

The Raven's Warning


This card makes the whole deck. By itself, this enables the whole combo, as it gives you the 1/1 token and finds Lukka. It’s a shame that chapter three puts the card on top of your deck after you’ve drawn, so you’ll want to try and have a Teferi or Narset activation ready to get going a turn early.




This is the other Agent finder and it does the trick for just four mana. It’s not hard to make a Shark or play The Birth of Meletis early, then just summon an Agent on turn four. Most decks will not have an easy time beating that.


Shark TyphoonThe Birth of MeletisCastle ArdenvaleElspeth, Sun's NemesisElspeth, Sun's Champion


These are your token makers, all of which are good cards in their own right. One of the important things to keep in mind is that decks that play combos made mostly of good cards have a big edge, because they don’t suffer too much when they can’t assemble the full combo.


Fires of Invention


Another key piece is Fires. Like in the Standard version, Fires is what lets you really get ahead, as it enables you to play double your mana’s worth of spells each turn. The Fires/Yorion combo is also a real one, where you play a spell for free, then play Yorion for free, exile Fires and play a third spell with your lands. 


Deafening ClarionChained to the Rocks


Despite this deck’s speed at comboing, it does need some early defense. These are the most efficient, and Chained even works nicely with Yorion.


Teferi, Time RavelerNarset, Parter of Veils


This duo of three mana planeswalkers really punishes control and combo, while also finding your combo pieces by letting you look at extra cards. They aren’t legal in that many formats these days, so enjoy playing with them while you can.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • As I mentioned before, drawing a card on the turn The Raven’s Warning hits three is really important. It’s usually worth saving a planeswalker activation or Omen of the Sea to enable that.
  • If you have Fires coming, it’s usually worth aggressively getting Yorion and setting up the three spell turn.
  • In general, you want to Agent their lands first. Stopping them from casting spells is usually better than taking their threats, though don’t get too greedy and die.
  • Against aggro and combo respectively, Resolute Archangel and Void Winnower let you change up your creature targets.


Header - Your Permanent? My Permanent

If you were bummed that this deck got banned out of Standard, here’s a new crack at it. The Raven’s Warning adds a neat new aspect and overall it’s a fun deck to play (as long as it’s not the only deck in the format, like it was in Standard).


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