Deck Highlight: Standard Naya Aggro

Standard Naya Aggro - Shou Kiriake

A little while ago I was on Arena trying to brew some new standard decks and one I thought might work was a landfall aggro list, but it just wasn’t good enough. I also tried to take advantage of the counter synergies Zendikar Rising offered, but failed to make it work. I’m just not a great brewer. Shou Kiriake however, is clearly good at this.

They called the list Naya Tempo for CFB Clash but it’s probably more of an aggro deck. It’s not really using counterspells or removal to control the pace of the game, just getting out fast, building up some counters on creatures, triggering landfall and getting in for big damage.

With a strong suite of early creatures that either have landfall or put counters on themselves or other creature, or in the case of Fearless Fledgling, both. This deck can get big or go wide, then drop an Embercleave for a huge swing.

The Akroan War

Adding The Akroan War is an interesting choice, but there’s no denying the power of stealing a big creature, smashing in for damage and then making your opponent attack the next turn, finally taking themselves out. Satisfying.

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