Deck Highlight: Mono-Green Aggro

Kazandu Mammoth is the real deal, and a big part of why I like Mono-Green Aggro. It’s one of the best beatdown options in Standard, and it too benefits from not having to face down Uro.

Standard Mono-Green Aggro Deck List - Koki Nakamura

Gameplan: Attack early, attack often. This deck curves out, uses Ram Through and Primal Might to clear the path, and pressures the opponent with large attackers. What it lacks in reach (compared to red) it makes up for in size, and Ram Through can actually come out of nowhere for a lot of damage too.

Having access to Mammoth, which is possibly the best flip land, is huge. This deck plays 26 lands but 6 of them are spells, making it very consistent. It does feel the departure of Vivien, but it’s got plenty of good replacements, and new threats like Mammoth and Swarm Shambler.

Deck Type: All Aggro All The Time

 This is a beatdown deck, make no bones about it. It pressures the opponent starting on turn one, and has a very singleminded focus.

I recommend this deck if you are looking to attack the opponent, as it is the best option for that in Standard right now.

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