Deck Highlight: Mono Blue Mill

Standard Mono Blue Mill Deck List - Christian Calcano

This deck is another mill deck in Standard.  This time, it’s mono blue.  The deck aims to use Teferi’s Tutelage to mill the opponent for a lot, in combination with Sea Gate Restoration or perhaps a Gadwick for a very large amount of mana.  Nyx Lotus in combination with a lot of blue mana pips on cards like Gadwick or Arcanist’s Owl can allow huge turns with a lot of mana.  Also, the deck is very capable of drawing its entire library in a turn, while using Thassa’s Oracle to end the game on the spot if played before the last card draw spell.

This is mostly a combo deck.  The deck is mostly focused on winning through non traditional means, but doesn’t exactly have a combo in Channel/Fireball (branding) sense of the word.  That being said, while possible, I wouldn’t expect this deck to win a lot of “normal” games that it couldn’t have easily won with the mill plan.

I got this list from Christian Calcano’s twitter.  It sounded like he was doing a fair bit of winning, and ended up saying that the deck probably isn’t tier 1, but maybe was tier 1.5.  He also said the deck is very fun.  Though, come to think of it, it seems like Calc is always having fun.  That being said, the deck looks fun to me as well, and if it seems your speed, I’d try it out.


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