Deck Highlight: Modern WB Stoneforge

Stoneforge Mystic is one of the more powerful cards in Modern and combining it with black discard/removal is a classic strategy. This list went 5W-0L in a Modern League and got some solid additions from the last couple sets.

Modern Orzhov Stoneforge

Game Plan

This deck pairs 12 discard spells with a bunch of cheap threats and has removal like Skyclave Apparition and Liliana to handle anything that makes it through the discard.

Deck Archetype

This is solidly midrange, as it looks to disrupt the opponent and answer their cards, while also putting them on a fairly fast clock.

Tips and Tricks

  • This deck has a strong resource-denial theme, so playing Liliana and using her +1 as soon as possible is often good. Lili +1 into Thoughtseize and another activation next turn strips away a lot of options.
  • Discarding Lingering Souls or Cling to Dust to Liliana is good value.
  • You can float mana in response to hitting with Sword of Feast and Famine, which lets you play Kaya’s Guile with entwine (or other expensive instants).
  • You usually want to get Batterskull against aggro and Sword against combo/control.

This deck is one of the best ways to utilize Thoughtseize, as it has Stoneforge and Liliana as good proactive follow-up plays. If you want a deck that messes with your opponent’s plans and puts them under pressure, WB Stoneforge is a great choice.

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