Deck Highlight – Modern Tron

Modern Tron

Tron is a classic Modern deck, so much so that I can’t actually remember a time when it wasn’t relevant. You always have to pack hate for it, it eats Jund for breakfast and it cheats on mana in a way nothing else can. You know what it does, so I’m going to tell you a story instead of describing it.

My buddy Brian, he loves Tron. Well, used to.

He’s an outgoing guy, big personality – wears his heart on his sleeve and doing big stupid things suits his playstyle down to the ground. He wins with Tron regularly, crushes FNMs, wins local game store leagues and whoops loudly about it. It’s hard not to root for him, he just loves casting a Karn.

It’s 2018, and he’s at a Grand Prix, thrilled to play his pet deck against a field that at the time, was pretty Jund-heavy. He had a great chance to make day two, even cash out.

Round one, of course, he plays against Ponza. He loses and is a little salty that he had to play the one deck tuned to beat his deck, but would lose to most other lists. Someone came to that GP, he felt, to specifically hate his deck.

Round two, he plays Ponza again. Loses. He’s fuming. This was supposed to be a fun weekend of Magic for him, and sure, he might lose – but not like this. He’s so tilted at this point that he punts round three completely and drops from the event… Then buys a Ponza deck.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, I guess!

Tron is good, but if you do want to play it, just remember, there’s always a Ponza deck in the room, waiting for you.

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