Deck Highlight: Modern Splinter Twin

Modern Splinter Twin? What year is this?

Modern Splinter Twin Deck List - Tiemuuu 2nd Place Modern Challenge

Blue and Red are a popular color pairing in Modern. Cheap burn and cantrips can contribute to everything from Storm Combo to Red Prowess to pure control. There’s also a long history of U/R decks that can play as control decks while also having a combo finish. This could be Through the Breach plus Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. It could be Madcap Experiment plus Platinum Emperion. Or it could be Deceiver Exarch plus Kiki Jiki, Mirror Breaker.

For those not familiar with the combo, Kiki Jiki taps to make a copy of Deceiver Exarch, which enters the battlefield and untaps Kiki Jiki. You repeat this process an unlimited number of times, and since the tokens have haste, you kill your opponent in one shot. The card Splinter Twin is now banned, but when that was legal as an additional way to combo, this was one of the very best strategies in Modern.

The beauty, however, is that these combo pieces are decent cards on their own, and this deck is capable of playing–sometimes winning–a fair game of Magic while it bides its time and sets up the combo. It’s even possible that an unsuspecting opponent might believe they’re up against a pure control deck and tap out at the wrong time. That’s when you flash in your Deceiver Exarch at the end of their turn, untap and win the game!

Deceiver Exarch can be used to tap a land, or Fog a big attacker that your Lightning Bolts may have been unable to answer. Kiki Jiki can do a lot of work just copying Snapcaster Mages and Crackling Drakes.

Splinter Twin is ideal in a world where your opponents are trying to do powerful things at sorcery speed. Think Primeval Titan and Omnath, Locus of Creation. As the Splinter Twin player, you get to pass with mana open almost every turn, meaning you’re ready with a permission spell to answer your opponent’s key play. And if you ever get into trouble against something you can’t answer, you can always try to assemble your own combo and steal the game!

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