Deck Highlight: Modern Oops, All Spells

Today’s deck is a spicy Kanister brew, and it uses the double-faced lands in a very sweet way. Take a look at Oops, All Spells:

Modern Oops, All Spells Deck List - Kanister


This deck’s gameplan is to play Balustrade Spy, which mills the whole deck (since the DFC don’t count as lands), and get Narcomoeba into play, which returns three copies of Sword of the Meek. You then sacrifice the three swords to play Salvage Titan, which returns all the Vengevines as well. You drained them for 12 with Creeping Chill, so the Vengevines will finish them off.

Oops, All Spells is 100% a combo deck, and funnily enough, it even sides into a different combo deck. Goblin Charbelcher is lethal here, so despite not having tons of fast mana, it’s a way to dodge graveyard hate.

I’d recommend this deck because it has a spell that reads 3B, Win the Game. That’s awesome, and the deck has a super creative way of using all these new cards. Once you get the hang of how the sequencing works, it’s not too tough to play, and it’s thrilling when it works.

Format: This deck is Modern, which is all best of three.

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