Deck Highlight: Modern Oops all Spells!

Modern Oops All Spells! (Selective Memory edition) – Vagabond87

Reid Duke has already showed you the Oops all Spells! Deck in Modern in his Deck Guide although this one I’m showing you today isn’t the classic version with Sword of the Meek and Vengevine, it has other angles of attack and doesn’t touch the graveyard at all!

Because of the new Zendikar Rising spell lands we’re able to play 0 lands while having actually 22 lands in the deck, and because of this Goblin Charbelcher is a one card combo.

Other than Charbelcher, this deck has another cool and elegant way to win the game, that’s exploiting a card we’ve often seen in other combo decks: Thassa’s Oracle, together with a card that I’ve never seen before in my life: Selective Memory

If you have 6 mana, a Selective Memory and a Thassa’s Oracle you can exile your whole deck and then win the game on the spot with Thassa’s Oracle, but that’s not just that. You can play Selective Memory on 4 mana, exile the whole deck but three copies of Thassa’s Oracle and all of a sudden you have three “I win the game” cards in your deck!

Based on your hand you can choose different piles, similar to Doomsday in Legacy and Vintage, you can pick up protections if you already have Thassa’s Oracle in hand and so on.

I don’t think this deck is anything broken, but it’s definitely nice that despite Modern is a 9 years old format there’s still so much room for innovation with each new set!

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