Deck Highlight: Modern Lotus Field Storm

Modern Lotus Field by IPlayBadDecks

You might be familiar with a Lotus Field combo deck in Pioneer, but did you know that it can be successful in Modern too?

Lotus FieldDream's GripTwiddlePsychic Puppetry

Some things are common between Pioneer and Modern. Both decks center around getting Lotus Field on the battlefield and using cheap spells to untap it and net mana. In Modern, these spells come in the form of Dream’s Grip, Twiddle and Psychic Puppetry

Underworld BreachPast in FlamesGrapeshotAria of Flame

A major difference is that, where Pioneer is very dependent on Underworld Breach to combo off, the Modern version diversifies with Past in Flames, and can even win without the graveyard. In game one, you can chain spells into a lethal Grapeshot, while after sideboarding you can use Aria of Flame.

Reach Through MistsPeer Through Depths

The coolest thing about this deck is utilizing one of Modern’s strange and obscure mechanics – Splice onto Arcane. You can get multiple uses (and a discounted price) out of Psychic Puppetry by splicing it onto your card drawing spells of Reach Through Mists and Peer Through Depths. Assembling such a chain gives you the ability to draw cards while netting mana, and makes winning a cinch if you can resolve Past in Flames or Underworld Breach with Puppetry in your hand. 

I have two final pointers which might not be obvious from simply looking at the deck on paper. You can activate Wishclaw Talisman and respond to the ability by untapping it and activating it again. In this way, you can turn your extra Twiddles into tutor effects, and can possibly even deplete the counters before your opponent gains control of it. Finally, this deck can win on the third turn of the game by floating mana, playing Lotus Field, and starting to untap it right away. 

I can’t imagine much that would be more fun than splicing Psychic Puppetry onto Peer Through Depths as I churn through my library for a quick kill. If you’re interested in trying out a relatively unexpected combo deck, I’d recommend Modern Lotus Field. 

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