Deck Highlight: Modern Charbelcher

Goblin Charbelcher is one of the most iconic combo cards in MTG. It’s synonymous with speed, power, and degeneracy. Thanks to a rules subtlety involving Zendikar Rising’s spell/lands, it’s now possible to build a Charbelcher Combo deck in Modern.

You see, in any zone other than on-the-battlefield or on-the-stack, double-faced cards have the qualities of their front sides. That means that while you can play the spell/lands normally as lands, they won’t stop your Goblin Charbelcher when you pass over them in your library.

As you can see, Magic Online player Ganyanchn has built a deck with twenty-three of Zendikar Rising’s spell/lands, which means that they’ll be able to make lands drops as normal, yet Goblin Charbelcher will activate for an amount of damage equal to all of the cards in their library! Similarly, Recross the Paths allows the Charbelcher player to stack their entire library–probably setting up a kill for the following turn.


Not only does this deck manage to play twenty-three lands while…not playing lands, fully two thirds of the deck generates mana! The objective is to assemble enough mana to do one of the following powerful things:

1. Cast and activate Goblin Charbelcher for an immediate win. (Irencrag Feat does the trick on its own)

  1. Cast Goblin Charbelcher, virtually ensuring a win for the following turn if the opponent can’t remove it.
  2. Accelerate out Blood Moon or Chalice of the Void, which can invalidate the opposing strategy based on the matchup or this situation.
  3. Use Recross the Paths, Reforge the Soul, or Valakut Awakening to set up the combo.

If you enjoy unusual strategies that you don’t find in Standard, Historic, or Limited Magic, then this could be the deck for you. The games will be fast and explosive, and opponents who aren’t well prepared for you won’t last long at all.


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