Deck Highlight: Modern Burn

Burn remains a player in Modern, but my goodness, it’s a tough time to be a red mage. With Uro and Omnath dominating tables, and Lurrus no longer a viable option as a companion, it’s hard to take advantage of the usual damage Modern players are willing to deal themselves.


Despite that, the deck still does what it’s always done. This is a streamlined, aggressive damage machine. There’s huge levels of redundancy, so you almost always get what you need to close out the game. I’ve always been a Naya burn fan, for Destructive Revelry and sneaking in a Choke, but without a green-red equivalent to Sunbaked Canyon, it’s easier to just play Boros right now.


If you’re interesting in breaking from the Boros norm though, Mardu colors help you take advantage of Scourge of the Skyclaves, one of the best cards in Zendikar Rising for Modern, as well as adding Bump in the Night for additional redundancy in the ‘one mana 3 damage’ category.


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