Deck Highlight: Modern Boros Heliod

Modern Boros Heliod by Sam Pardee

We’ve already seen Walking Ballista going infinite with Heliod, Sun-Crowned in a green-white shell together with Spike Feeder and Collected Company.  However, today’s deck highlight is from PT finalist Sam Pardee who To 8’d the Showcase Challenge with a different take that’s an hybrid between Heliod Combo and Death and Taxes.

Aether VialAuriok ChampionHeliod, Sun-Crowned

Aether Vial is replacing Arbor Elf as a mana accelerant and the full set of Auriok Champion in the main deck are definitely amazing against certain decks in the metagame, such as Rakdos Death’s Shadow. Auriok Champion plays very well with Heliod, Sun-Crowned, not only to boost its double white cost for devotion but also the ability to grant a +1/+1 counter every time a creature enters the battlefield. 

Ranger-Captain of EosWalking BallistaGiver of Runes

Ranger-Captain of Eos can only pick up Walking Ballista or Giver of Runes but can also be used proactively to shut off your opponent from casting any noncreature spell during their turn, definitely an underrated ability that can take certain decks off guard.

BoilMagus of the Moon

Finally the deck splashes lightly red for Boil and Magus of the Moon. Boil is at an all-time high right now in Modern, since so many deck are playing Cryptic Command and rely heavily on Islands to exploit Mystic Sanctuary. On the other hand, Magus of the Moon will be boarded in against Urzatron but can be serviceable against Field of the Dead.

I love seeing new decks pop up in Modern and succeed, and this is no exception. 


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