Deck Highlight: Modern Blue Tron


Modern Mono Blue Tron by TONIGHTHIMADA (5-0 MTGO League)


You may not know this, but I was one of the original fans of Tron in Modern. I played UW Tron at Grand Prix Lincoln almost a decade ago and I’ve always loved the blue Tron decks. You could say that I was a fan of Tron before it was cool – no big deal, though. Today, I want to revisit blue Tron, as it just did well in another MTGO league and the deck is too sweet to pass up.


Header - The Game Plan

Try and assemble Tron in order to overpower the opponent with expensive spells and threats. Use counters and card draw to disrupt the opponent and see more cards.

This deck has always been a hybrid between Tron and control, with aspects of both. It has the fast Tron component with Expedition Map, but it’s worse at assembling Tron than the all-in Mono Green version. It also has Remand, Condescend and Repeal as cheap ways to disrupt the opponent and look at extra cards, which lets it take a more controlling role. This deck tends to do better than normal Tron when you’d rather have more interaction than raw speed, and fights against disruption better as well.


Header - Key Cards



These eight counters are critical, as both come online as early as turn two and still are good in the late game. They let you slow the opponent down while seeing more cards, which is exactly what this deck wants to do.


Urza's TowerUrza's Power PlantUrza's MineExpedition Map


Even though this deck isn’t all-in on Tron, having these three lands together does make it pop. These are what lets the deck leverage its expensive cards and card draw to crush the opponent, and assembling all three does go a long way.


Thirst for KnowledgeRepealShark Typhoon


Thirst is another really nice one, as it lets you draw three cards for just three mana. Repeal is a mix between disruption and card draw and plays especially nicely against tokens or one drops. Shark Typhoon is like Repeal – it lets you see more cards while interacting with the opponent, and sometimes you just make a 9/9 Shark and go to town.


Wurmcoil EngineWalking BallistaMindslaverSundering TitanUgin, the Spirit DragonEmrakul, the Promised End


These are your heavy hitters and what let you dominate once you have Tron in play. Ballista is nice because it can come down for cheap if needs be and like Wurmcoil, it can be cast without Tron for good effect. Mindslaver has an infinite loop here, as Academy Ruins lets you recur it as much as you need.


Header - Mulliganing

This deck is looking for two main things in the opener: Tron lands and counterspells. Having a quick path to Tron is great and having early counters is great, with the combination being perfect. You can keep hands without these, but you do need to do something early; Modern is a fast format.


Thirst for KnowledgeRepealWalking BallistaUrza's TowerIslandIslandIsland


Keep. This hand is borderline, but early Ballista or Repeal into Thirst is a fine start.


Urza's TowerUrza's Power PlantExpedition MapSundering TitanThirst for KnowledgeRemandRepeal


Keep. You have Tron here, so I’m willing to gamble on drawing an Island or Talisman. You do wish Titan was a Wurmcoil in this spot, but I’d still run this.


RemandRelic of ProgenitusIslandIslandField of RuinWurmcoil EngineShark Typhoon


Keep. You have Remand plus two other cyclers, which is good enough. It’s annoying that you have zero Tron pieces, but this hand draws to plenty of outs.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • Sometimes it’s worth Condescending for zero in order to scry, especially if you’re short on lands.
  • When in doubt, play Ballista earlier rather than later. This deck has so much high end that I’d rather play a Ballista for two or four than try and save it for six or more.
  • You can Repeal your own permanents in a pinch, and it’s especially nice to reset Ballista.
  • It’s usually better to lead on two Tron pieces over Tron and Island if you have Remand and the third Tron piece in hand, but I’d go Tron and Island if you haven’t drawn the third piece yet.


Header - I'm Blue (Daba Dee Daba Die)

Yo, listen up here’s a story, about a blue Tron deck and everything is blue…

I have always liked this deck, and think it’s still got what it takes – I hope you too can take some time and enjoy the feeling of Remanding into a Sundering Titan.


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