Deck Highlight: Modern Bitterblossom Rogues

Modern Bitterblossom Rogues by Soulstrong

Ever wonder what it would look like if you took Standard Rogues and ported it to Modern? Me neither, but that’s what’s on the docket today, as I found a cool list from a MTGO preliminary.

The Game Plan

Mill the opponent until your Into the Stories and Drown in the Lochs are on, all while killing them with cheap Rogues. It’s really a testament to how good Rogues is that you can play basically the Standard list (with a few solid upgrades) and have it be a competitive choice in Modern.

This deck really does play mostly the same, with the one-two punch of Thieves’ Guild Enforcer and Soaring Thought-Thief headlining things. Still, the new cards this deck picks up are important, so let’s talk about those.

Modern Additions


Bitterblossom used to be banned in Modern, which in retrospect was highly unnecessary. It’s a powerful card though and making Rogues plays exceedingly well with Soaring Thought-Thief. It also lets you keep all your mana up once in play, making it similar to a flash threat even if not exactly the same.

Cryptic CommandForce of Negation

Cryptic Command is a banger and Force of Negation is absurd when you’re drawing tons of cards. These powerful blue instants are a meaningful upgrade over the standard list.

Snapcaster MageMystic Sanctuary

Adding a recursive element is interesting, and Mystic Sanctuary for Into the Story is an awesome play. These also both work well with cheap instants like Drown in the Loch and Fatal Push.

Opening Hands

I’d struggle to want to keep a hand without a Rogue or Bitterblossom, though enough cheap disruption could carry the day.

Fatal PushBitterblossomInto the StorySwamp (105)Island (103)Polluted DeltaWatery Grave

Keep. Even though you aren’t milling them, Fatal Push into Bitterblossom is good enough.

Soaring Thought-ThiefArchmage's CharmSnapcaster MageWatery GraveFetid PoolsIsland (103)Island (103)

Keep. Despite being slow, this hand is okay.

Fatal PushForce of NegationInto the StoryDrown in the LochCryptic CommandFetid PoolsSwamp (105)

Mulligan. This hand is land light and doesn’t do anything.

Rogues is a proven Standard deck, but does it have what it takes in Modern? It seems solid, though I’d like to see some Thoughtseizes added to the deck as well.

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