Deck Highlight: Modern 4C Omnath Combo

Kanister won the recent Modern Challenge with this four-color deck that I have been really struggling with finding the most appropriate name for. There is just so much going on.

Kanister's Modern 4C Omnath Combo

Is this 4C Omnath, 4C Walkers, Omnath Walkers? Either way, this deck does have it all.

Omnath is probably the most broken card that was printed since Oko, so it comes as no wonder that players are trying to find the right shell for it in formats like Historic and Modern as well.

Felidar Guardian plus Saheeli Rai is very similar to the Splinter Twin combo. If you have get both Saheeli Rai and Felidar Guardian (Cat) into play, you can use Saheeli to make another haste copy of the Cat and thanks to its enter-the-battlefield trigger blink and reset Saheeli back to its original loyalty. Because the game sees it as a “new” Saheeli, you can use it again to create another copy and so on, until you have a million copies of hasty 1/4s.

This combo was once legal in Standard, but it only lasted a few days.

Oath of Nissa helps you find both of your combo pieces and it also helps you fix your mana, while Utopia Sprawl also helps you cast your cards ahead of the curve, which means that you can win the game as soon as turn three.

Teferi, Time Raveler stops your opponent from interacting with your combo with potential spot removal or counters.

Remand and Path to Exile give you some interaction before you can find your combo pieces and Uro and Omnath are pretty much thrown into the deck for good measure, because they are just so broken that you need to find a really good reason not to play them if you are running these colors.

I’m not sure how important Wrenn and Six is in this list, but it also helps you fix your mana by returning fetchlands from your graveyard, so it can never really be too bad.

Lastly, I want to mention that this list seems to have originally come from Zan Syed!


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