Deck Highlight: Legacy Esper Vial

Legacy Esper Vial - PleasantKenobi

Esper Vial is a combination of control and toolbox, using a creature suite consisting of Soulherder and Flickerwisp to blink permaments and Recruiter of the Guard to tutor the right creature to keep your opponent’s deck in check.

Meddling Mage, Peacekeeper, Skyclave Apparition, Palace Jailer and Teferi, Time Raveler all keep the battlefield under control, while Baleful Strix and Barrin add some card draw as well as getting in the way. Aether Vial, of course, keeps things moving through counterspells and ensures you can get enough creatures into play to really stay in control.

This is a deck that plays a slow, grindy game and keeps your opponent off-balance with silver bullets, including some that can be bounced with Karakas (Barrin, Venser) and even more in the sideboard. The kind of deck that lets you watch the light in your opponent’s eyes slowly fade as you watch their hopes of winning turn to dust and blow away on the wind.

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