Deck Highlight: Standard Boros Aggro

Standard Boros Aggro by Martin Juza

I’ve been experimenting with Boros Aggro with Kaldheim and this is where I’m currently at. 

Showdown of the Skalds has been absolutely incredible for me so far and one of the ways to maximize its power is to have as low a curve as possible. Enter Boros Aggro!


Showdown of the Skalds


Showdown of the Skalds is exactly the kind of card every aggro deck dreams about. You apply as much pressure as possible in the first three turns, then reload with four new, fresh cards and even start distributing extra counters on your creatures as you cast more spells. 


Shepherd of the Flock


It’s also an incredible combo with Shepherd of the Flock. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up being the best new card draw engine in the format. You get four new cards, put some counters on your creatures and then return the Showdown to your hand for one mana and do it again. Talk about value!

Adventure cards work very nicely with Showdown as well, as they give you even more spells to cast for more counters. 


Luminarch AspirantSkyclave ApparitionEmbercleave


I’m still not exactly sure about what creatures I want to play, so I’m trying a little bit of everything and as many of the new cards as possible. Luminarch Aspirant and especially Skyclave Apparition are two cards that I can definitely see in the deck as well. It’s possible that Embercleave isn’t even needed, but the more cards you’re able to see every game, the better it is to have as many different types of cards that can help you in different situations. 


Fight as OneRedcap Melee


Sideboard is also obviously still work in progress, but Fight as One should be a great card against sweepers like Doomskar and Redcap Melee also seems pretty appealing if Goldspan Dragon becomes one of the most popular new cards.

As soon as the format settles down a little bit and I figure out the right creature configuration, I’ll be back with a deck guide. 

Keep in mind that if you overload your deck with expensive cards, than Showdown will very often just be a four mana Divination with a small upside. Keep the curve low!



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