Deck Highlight: Historic Omnath Ramp

I was watching Gabe Nassif stream Historic the other day and he was crushing the Arena ladder all the way to the #5 rank with almost the Standard version of the 4c Omnath Ramp deck.

Historic Omnath Ramp Deck List - Gabriel Nassif

Previously, the top 3 decks in Historic were Jund Sacrifice, Goblins and Sultai Ramp. I fully expect Omnath to immediately jump into tier 1 as another deck to beat.

Omnath is just such a powerful card and with Fabled Passage, Lotus Cobra and cards like Explore, Growth Spiral and Oracle of Mul Daya, it has all the support you possibly need to hit all the extra land drops.

I was somewhat surprised that Gabe was only running 2 copies of Explore, but somehow all the slow looking hands always ended up working for him just fine, as he hasn’t lost a match in the 3 hours that I was watching.

It’s possible that right now, other people are also just trying the new stuff out in Historic and you have a little bit more time to set up Omnath and all the big cards, but as we move forward and players try to break it for the Season Grand Finals next week, I would expect everyone’s deck to get a little bit faster and more interactive.

Ancient Greenwarden and Terror of the Peaks are here for the “combo kills” that you sometimes easily pull off by chaining a bunch of Genesis Ultimatums. Along with Kenrith, these are the three cards that you can probably consider replacing some of them to make the deck a little bit faster with more Explores.

When I watched this deck in action, I really liked Golos and it performed a lot better than I was expecting, so that is another card that you can consider adding an extra copy or two of. I also didn’t love Felidar Retreat too much, but you do need some payoff cards to get value from.

One of the most busted things about Omnath is that it counts your land drops, not your total number of lands played on your turn. This means that you can play Omnath, 3 lands and get all three landfall triggers from it, then you can cast another Omnath (say off of a big Genesis Ultimatum), legend rule the old one away, play 3 more lands thanks to Oracle and Explores and you get the 3 landfall triggers again.

This is what keeps the deck going and how you sometimes end up with 30 permanents in play on turn 4.

Make sure you check out Gabe’s VOD to watch this deck in action and give it a try if you like it!

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