Deck Highlight: Historic Mono Red Best of One

Historic Mono Red Deck List - Andrea Mengucci (Best of One)

Wayward Guide-Beast

This deck exploits the Best of One hand smoothing algorithm of MagicArena in order to have an opening hand with just few lands, never really flooding out, and always having gas to play.

The card that makes the deck thick is Wayward Guide-Beast, which is not only a 1 mana 2/2 Haste Trample, but it often adds mana for you to use, as you can tap the mountain pre combat and then return it to hand and use it as your land drop which you would otherwise miss. A truly unique effect, but extraordinary in this deck.

The strategy of the deck is an hyper aggressive deck that look to end the game as early as possible, but has a solid amount of reach with plenty of burn spells.

I streamed the deck on Thursday and had a nice 70% win rate defeating Goblins 5 times, but struggling against the more interaction heavy decks.

The perfect deck if you want to play some games in a small amount of time, especially if you are a Bo1 aficionado.

If you on the other hand are a Bo3 only player, this list isn’t for you, since it’s especially built to exploit the hand smoothing algorithm of Bo1. If you like to play MonoRed and want to play with your sideboard and with general rules of Magic, may I suggest Crokey’z Incinerator’s Burn.


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