Deck Highlight: Historic Mono Blue Tempo

Historic Mono Blue Tempo Deck List - Douglas Scott

This is a mono blue tempo deck that I’ve seen pop up in some Historic results from a player named Douglas Scott.  Douglas has been putting up good results with this list, and mono blue tempo has always been a strategy that I’ve personally enjoyed.

Mono Blue is a Tempo deck, which is usually a derivative of an aggressive deck, definitely so in this case.  The deck tries to win by getting a creature into play and putting Curious Obsession on it, drawing two cards per turn.  From there, the deck tries to efficiently trade one for one, while maintaining the advantage from the card drawing.

The biggest strength of the deck is the cheapness of the cards and the ability to protect its threats.  The biggest weakness to the deck is opposing decks that have a lot of cheap interaction to fight the main game plan.  If the deck goes for curious Obsession and the opponent can interact twice with only two mana, they are going to win the fight.  Fatal Push was just added to the format, which is really strong against the deck.

Overall, mono blue is a fun and competitive archetype, likely also with some room to be further tuned for Historic as the metagame continues to evolve.


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