Deck Highlight: Historic Izzet Creativity

Historic Izzet Creativity by Gabriel Nassif

I lost to this deck on the Arena ladder a couple days ago and immediately thought I got meme’d. I don’t know where this deck comes from originally, but later that day I noticed Gabriel Nassif and Kristof Prinz stream with this deck and to good results, so apparently it’s a real thing.


Indomitable CreativityCallous DismissalPirate's Pillage

The goal is to set up Indomitable Creativity for X=2, targeting your own creatures and artifacts. Callous Dismissal and Shark Typhoon make creature tokens while Pirate’s Pillage and Depths of Desire make artifact tokens. 


Sage of the FallsThe Locust God

Once Indomitable Creativity resolves, it’ll reveal cards until it hits the only two possible targets: Sage of the Falls and The Locust God.

Thanks to Sage’s enter the battlefield trigger, you’ll immediately draw and discard a card. That in turn triggers The Locust God, creating a 1/1 flying haste token. Conveniently, this token is also a non-Human, making another “loot” trigger, which turns into another token and the rest is self explanatory. Since the loot trigger is optional, you get to do this as many times as you want. This number is only limited by the number of cards in deck, so getting 20 haste tokens is never really an issue.

My first reaction upon seeing this deck was “What if I draw one of those creatures in my hand?” That should surely mess up with my combo. Since I can’t play more copies of each, I need to guarantee always hitting one copy of each.


Valakut Awakening // Valakut StoneforgeFire Prophecy

This’s where Valakut Awakening and Fire Prophecy come in. If you happen to draw the creatures, you just put them back on the bottom of your library. 


Pact of Negation

Since you’re a one-turn-kill kind of deck, Pact of Negation works for free protection.

I’m not going to recommend playing this in an important tournament, but if you are looking for something surprising, fun and different for the Arena ladder, this could be a solid choice. 

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