Deck Highlight: Historic GW Company

Historic GW Company by Favabear1

It’s not every day that you see someone winning an event as big an Arena Championship Qualifier with a brew of their own, so the achievement of Favabear1 is definitely a big one as they managed to get 13 wins across two days with GW Company. This deck has been championed on Twitter for months from Robert Taylor and Robert Lee and it’s nice to see it paying off in such an important event!


Collected CompanyYasharn, Implacable Earth

I’m not the biggest fan of Collective Company in Historic, although it’s definitely a card that can be super impactful and win games on the spot. The best card of the deck in my opinion though is Yasharn, Implacable Earth, which is amazing right now in the metagame since RB Sacrifice saw a huge resurgence and the two lands that Yasharn picks up are very relevant in a land-light deck like this.


The Great Henge

The Great Henge is another payoff and the only spell outside of Collected Company that will generate card advantage and guarantee a solid late game.


Branchloft Pathway // Boulderloft Pathway

Thanks to Branchloft Pathway, the mana base is sublime and you almost never find yourself without double green or double white when needed.

Collected Company has been making other moves in Historic as well. Another deck that I saw doing well last weekend was Bant Company, although I prefer the Selesnya version since you have access to a better mana base and Llanowar Elves to power up your nut draws.

I don’t think this deck is Tier 1 material but it’s nonetheless a nice addition to the Historic metagame for lovers of Collected Company!

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