Deck Highlight: Historic Goblins

When I was looking for some interesting decklists, I came across this Goblin list that AlthMTG took to the #1 rank on Magic Arena.

AlthMTG’s #1 Goblins

For some reason, nobody has been playing Goblins in the big Historic tournaments lately. After the initial craziness around it during the Mythic Invitational, it has drastically dropped off in popularity. It could be thanks to its poor matchup against Jund Sacrifice, but thanks to the recent printing of Yasharn, that deck hasn’t been very popular either.

Yasharn is fairly good against this deck as well, making you unable to use Skirk Prospector, Phyrexian Tower, or Treasure tokens, and there has been a lot of main deck Aether Gusts lately, but there is no reason why Goblins shouldn’t still be showing up in decent numbers, as it is still one of the best and most consistent decks in the format.

The improvements from the older version is the addition of Shatterskull Smashing, which should almost always replace some Mountains in your deck if you are playing red, and also Herald’s Horn in the sideboard – good in grindy matchups.

Irencrag Feat is another ritual effect that lets you play Muxus faster and doesn’t get stopped by Yasharn.

Overall, Goblins is still a fine midrange/ramp deck that abuses the power of Muxus to explode a bunch of Goblins into play as early as turn three, ideally with one of the haste lords and Krenko, allowing you to create even more Goblins and go for a lethal attack.

This deck should still be very good in the current metagame, both best-of-one and best-of-three.


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