Deck Highlight: Historic Elves

When looking for some Historic inspiration, I found another #1 ranked Historic deck on MTG Arena, this time from Andrew Schneider.

Historic Elves Deck List - Andrew Schneider

This deck is trying to do what pretty much every Elves deck has ever done – flood the board with little creatures that also usually give you mana and then play something big. In this case, the big finisher is Craterhoof Behemoth, which takes advantage of all the mana creatures and Dwynen’s Elite and usually finishes your opponent in one swing.

Fierce Empaths count as Behemoths #2 and #3, but you can also find Empath in Collected Company.

Allosaurus Shepherd gives this deck another mana sink in case you don’t find your Behemoth and can also close the game by itself.

I’ll be honest, when I tried this deck myself a while ago, I felt like only 4 one-drop mana creatures were just not enough and this deck just wouldn’t work without Elvish Mystic. Gilded Goose just isn’t the same, as it only really gives you the mana once, but it does count as another body for Behemoth.

It’s hard to argue with Andrew’s success though, so give this deck a try and decide for yourself.

It is my understanding that Andrew used this deck exclusively in Bo1, but you can easily play this deck in Bo3 as well. I wouldn’t change anything about the maindeck, just add cards like Scavenging Ooze and Reclamation Sage into your sideboard. You could also easily splash for one more color with Shocklands (Overgrown Tomb) and checklands (Woodland Cemetery). Black offers you Thoughtseize against combo decks, white has Rest in Peace against graveyard decks, for example. I would also try to find as many good “hate” creatures that you can find with Collected Company.

I like this combo version a lot better than trying to attack with elves only with something like Imperious Perfect. Llanowar Visionary also doesn’t seem fast enough, but it does draw you an extra card, so if you aren’t happy with something like Marwyn, you could try to make the switch.

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