Deck Highlight: Historic Colorless Ramp

Historic Colorless Ramp Deck List - Ryosuke Nishiura

This is a colorless ramp deck played by Ryosuke Nishiura in a Big Magic Historic event.  This deck looks so fun to me.  First of all, the deck can win with Metalwork Colossus, a card I always tried to make work while it was in standard, but never succeeded in doing so.  Second, there are some infinite combos in the deck; Metalwork Colossus plus a bunch of artifacts plus Paradox Engine plus Witch’s Oven, for example, can provide infinite mana as long as there is another artifact to tap for mana.

Play Colossus for free, untap everything.  Witch’s Oven sacrifices Colossus, get 2 food.  Sacrifice the two food to return Colossus to your hand.  Tap some random artifact for mana.  Play Colossus again to start over.  Boom.  Infinite mana. That mana can be used to Sacrifice Inventor’s Fair and then gain infinite live with Forsaken Monument.  Or maybe we can just search for a Mystic Forge and then keep digging until we find a Karn, the Great Creator.  Then we can play Karn and put Aetherflux Reservoir into play and finish our opponent that way.

This deck looks like a ton of fun, and I’m looking forward to trying it out.


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