Deck Highlight: Historic BW Auras

Historic Orzhov Auras Deck List - Andrea Mengucci

Kor Spiritdancer was already one of the strongest card legal in Historic, and now it just got a new friend in Sram, Senior Edificer, which is another engine for your powerful White Auras deck.

Originally the deck was Blue-White, to play Curious Obsession and Staggering Insight for more refuel, as well as permission like Dive Down and Spell Pierce and finally Cartouche of Knowledge or Aether Tunnel for evasion.

Although I decided to cut Blue in favor of Black, since Sram, Senior Edificer is now helping with the draw engine plan, and you don’t need those Auras anymore. Also Black gives you access to Hateful Eidolon and Mogis’s Favor as well as strong sideboard option like Dead Weight and Mire’s Grasp, these go very well together since you’re able to kill opposing’s creature while drawing a lot of cards.

In particular Mogis’s Favor was amazing here since it serves as a removal spell for creatures like Llanowar Elf and Young Pyromancer, as well as a pump spell for your own creatures.

Finally Orzhov has a much better manabase than Azorius since it has both Pathways and Checklands in Concealed Courtyard and Brightclimb Pathway, that Azorius doesn’t have access to.

This deck treated me very well on the ladder and I managed to rank as high as #3 in Mythic with a 9-2 score. I can’t wait to explore more of Historic, since Kaladesh seemed to have heavily revolutionized the format.


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