Deck Highlight: Historic Best-of-One Trickery


Historic Best-of-One Trickery by Ali Aintrazi


Welcome to another edition of “Where else can I do crazy things with Tibalt or Tibalt’s Trickery?” Today’s answer is… Historic!

To my knowledge, this list comes from Ali Aintrazi and is meant for Best-of-One because you don’t really want your opponents to bring in interaction out of their sideboards like Thoughtseize or Negate


Tibalt's TrickeryStonecoil SerpentChamber Sentry


Your goal is to mulligan until you find Trickery and one of the zero mana artifacts. You can easily go to three or four cards and, thanks to the London Mulligan, keep the perfect cards.


OmniscienceUlamog, the Ceaseless HungerKoma, Cosmos Serpent


On turn two, you play Chamber Sentry or Stonecoil Serpent and use Tibalt’s Trickery on it and hope that you reveal one of the busted expensive cards.



This deck is definitely a lot more “fun” than “competitive” and the tilt factor for your opponents is very real. 

That said, I really hope that there is at least a small chance that Tibalt’s Trickery will end up getting an errata to say “spell your opponent’s control” because that’s very likely how it was intended to be used in the first place. 



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