Deck Highlight – Standard Gruul Aggro

Standard Gruul Aggro

Gruul SMASH!

Some of my favorite standard decks are Red-Green Monsters lists, so it’s nice to see the archetype alive and well in Standard alongside the new midrange paradigm of everything ramps, gains life and draws a card. Sometimes you don’t want to do that. Sometimes you just want to hit hard and fast.

This has all the important bits of an aggressive Gruul deck. A top of the curve dragon in Leyline Tyrant, a ramp piece in Lotus Cobra and some early beaters in Akoum Hellhound and Brushfire Elemental doing their landfall thing.

Creatures aren’t allowed just be creatures anymore either so Bonecrusher Giant and Kazandu Mammoth pull double duty in what is, at it’s core, a straight up beat down deck. In 2020 that means your lands are 3/3s and your Shocks are 4/3s. I don’t make the rules, ok?

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