Vintage Breach Combo | Andrea Mengucci

There’s been a breach! Andrea Mengucci’s aiming to combo out opponents with some true power with Vintage Breach Combo!

1 thought on “Vintage Breach Combo | Andrea Mengucci”

  1. Nice one Mangu, i’m playing the version with the monkey, but looks like this is better.

    BTW for the mental exercise, I believe you had the kill there when you are contemplating to get Breach: at 1:13:30 (can’t post a SC unfortunately.

    You get Breach on upkeep with vamp.
    crack lotus for red and cast breach
    You exil Petal,Urza and ponder to recast vamp
    you get brainfreez, draw it with dack, pitch Urza and whatever other card you draw.
    Exils them + vamp to recast Black Lotus
    Play brainfreez on you for the win

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