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Today’s Standard budget deck requires only 12 common, 15 uncommon and seven rare wildcards assuming you have a couple cards from the starter decks unlocked. This is a Zombie tribal deck mixed in with some snow synergies.


Tymaret Calls the DeadSilversmote GhoulNarfi, Betrayer King


At the core of the deck, you have Tymaret Calls the Dead. This Saga will fill the graveyard with various creatures, while making Zombies at the same time. Silversmote Ghoul and Narfi, Betrayer King are two cards that can return from the graveyard after milling them as well. The final chapter of the Saga can also enable the Ghoul.


Mire TritonGhastly GloomhunterMurderous Rider // Swift End


Next up, you’re also playing with a set of Mire Triton as another way to fill the graveyard and gain life. In particular, combined with the lifelinking Ghastly Gloomhunter, you can return Silversmote Ghoul rather consistently. Murderous Rider is both a removal spell as well as another lifelinking Zombie. You start out with one copy in the “Back for More” preconstructed deck.


Liliana's DevoteePriest of the Haunted EdgeDraugr NecromancerFoulmire Knight // Profane Insight


Giving your lifelinking creatures additional power with either Narfi or Liliana’s Devotee can also make a big difference in a racing situation and can make it easier to reanimate the Zombie Vampire. Devotee also has great synergy with Priest of the Haunted Edge, which can enable the ability to generate a zombie token. While it’s not being used as removal, the Priest can still provide an extra attacker if you have one of your lords in play and increases the Zombie count for Tymaret Calls the Dead. Draugr Necromancer is the final rare, providing a large Zombie that can provide card advantage by casting creatures from the opponent.

Foulmire Knight rounds out the deck and gives us access to another cheap deathtouch creature with the potential of drawing an extra card in later turns.

The mana base consists of snow-covered lands to enable Priest, Narfi and Draugr Necromancer. You only need blue mana to cast Narfi, although it could also come in handy for potential sideboard choices.


Header - The Sideboard

DuressNegateMystical DisputeCrippling Fear


While this is a Zombie tribal deck, things can drastically change after sideboarding. Once you start cutting some of the main deck cards for more interaction, your Zombie synergies take a hit. Cards like Duress, Negate and Mystical Dispute can give you more game against control decks, replacing Priest and potentially Devotee as they won’t be able to make many tokens.

Against creature decks, you can bring in more removal like Heartless Act and even a one-sided sweeper with Crippling Fear.


Header - Upgrades

Murderous Rider // Swift EndPilfering Hawk


The main way to change up the deck is to go up to four copies of Murderous Rider. This also gives you more lifelinking creatures to enable Silversmote Ghoul, potentially allowing you to take out Ghastly Gloomhunter. The main issue then becomes the high number of three-drops in the deck, which might require you to take out some number of Liliana’s Devotee.

There aren’t any amazing Zombies left at two mana, although with fewer copies of Devotee, you can entertain the idea of Pilfering Hawk as a way to discard Narfi and Silversmote Ghoul while also getting the +1/+1 bonus for snow creatures. Simply playing more interaction is also an option, although the more creatures you, have the better Tymaret Calls the Dead becomes. 


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