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Sultai Snow - LegenVD


Today’s Standard budget deck requires only 12 common, 22 uncommon and 10 rare wildcards and uses only cards from Kaldheim. The deck is built around leveraging the new snow lands, which make up the entirety of the mana base without needing any rares. You do have to limit your mana base to two main colors, in this case blue and green, with a light splash to avoid running too many lands that enter tapped.


Frost AugurBoreal OutriderSpirit of the Aldergard


Every card in the deck is a snow payoff that rewards you for having all these snow lands. Frost Auger can essentially draw an extra card each turn for just one mana, as every card in the deck, including sorceries, has the snow typing. Boreal Outrider lets each creature enter with an additional +1/+1 counter and Spirit of the Aldergard is a huge threat that keeps growing over time that also searches up a land to fix for your splash color.


Ascendant SpiritJorn, God of Winter // Kaldring, the RimestaffBlessing of Frost


The rares include Ascendant Spirit, which is an excellent mana sink that can turn into a big flier that draws extra cards and Jorn, God of Winter, which can potentially double your mana and pairs nicely with the Spirit. Jorn can also be played as Kaldring, the Rimestaff, which is incredibly helpful in the more grindy matchups where you can use it to get back threats from the graveyard. Blessing of Frost always distributes four +1/+1 counters among our creatures and can provide a lot of extra card advantage.


Blizzard BrawlAvalanche CallerNarfi, Betrayer KingSculptor of Winter


Blizzard Brawl is your removal spell of choice and it does a lot of work for just one mana and Sculptor of Winter provides some additional mana ramp. Avalanche Caller is another great win condition, as it can weaponize your lands. Finally, there’s a few copies of Narfi, Betrayer King as a recursive threat that also acts as an anthem effect for the team.

Header - Sideboard

Whenever you bring in non-snow cards out of the sideboard, you’re diluting the main deck synergies. This means you’ll rarely want to sideboard much with this deck. That also makes it better suited for play in best-of-one as opposed to best-of-three environments.


Icebind PillarChainweb AracnirScavenging OozeMasked Vandal


Icebind Pillar is one of the few snow cards that was left out of the main deck. It can help against combat-focused decks that rely on attacking with large creatures. Standard staples like Negate and Mystical Dispute can always be put to good use in control matchups. Chainweb Aracnir is there to help against Rogues. Scavenging Ooze can also come in handy against any deck that relies on a full graveyard while Wilt or the newly printed Masked Vandal can deal with artifacts or enchantments.  


Header - Upgrades

Priest of the Haunted EdgeDraugr NecromancerBlood on the Snow


This deck can definitely be tweaked in a lot of different ways, based on your personal preference. While you could modify the mana base to include more rare lands, it doesn’t make the deck strictly better, as a lot of cards rely on snow land synergies. Frost Augur in particular becomes a lot less exciting if it’s not always guaranteed to draw a card. That being said, you can potentially lean more into black as one of your primary colors to get access to Priest of the Haunted Edge, Draugr Necromancer and Blood on the Snow as more snow payoffs.

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