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Today’s Standard budget deck requires only 10 common, eight uncommon and nine rare wildcards. This assumes you have a few cards unlocked through the new player experience intro decks introduced with Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. Players who obtained the previous intro deck should get access to the new cards in a patch somewhere in early August. This is a Mono-Red Goblins deck that tries to leverage its tribal synergies, legal in the Standard 2022 Best-of-One format.


Battle Cry GoblinHobgoblin Bandit LordGoblin Trashmaster

The deck has multiple tribal payoffs, including Battle Cry Goblin, Hobgoblin Bandit Lord and Goblin Trashmaster. The latter is exclusively legal in Best-of-One as it only appears in the mono-red starter deck. A common play pattern is casting Battle Cry Goblin and activating its ability so you can attack with it right away and enable pack tactics, generating an extra token. You can even pump up that token afterwards if you have more mana to sink into the ability.


Goblin JavelineerFireblade ChargerRaging Goblin

The deck also features plenty of early Goblins, with a whopping 14 one-drops. These include Goblin Javelineer, Fireblade Charger, Tin Street Cadet and Raging Goblin. With so many cheap creatures, the deck is capable of quickly assembling a small army to leverage your tribal payoffs. Fireblade Charger especially gets better if you can increase its power. Both Tin Street Cadet and Raging Goblin are also exclusive to Best-of-One. 


Hobgoblin CaptainYou See a Pair of GoblinsHulking Bugbear

Another serviceable Goblin from Forgotten Realms is Hobgoblin Captain, which will often attack with first strike. Rounding out your three-drops, you fittingly have a couple You See a Pair of Goblins and a full set of Hulking Bugbear. This hasty threat is perfect for enabling pack tactics and recovering from sweepers.


Frost BiteDen of the Bugbear

Frost Bite is your removal spell of choice over alternatives like Shock and Roil Eruption. Thanks to your Snow-Covered Mountains, you can often deal three damage to opposing creatures or planeswalkers, a worthwhile tradeoff for not directly targeting players. This is especially useful in the mirror match, where taking out opposing Bandit Lords and Trashmasters is important and Roil Eruption often feels too clunky. Den of the Bugbear does overtime as your creatureland of choice, letting you deal those last points of damage in control matchups and giving you a great mana sink besides Battle Cry Goblin.


Header - The Sideboard

Burning HandsRelic RobberRoiling Vortex


The deck is only legal in Best-of-One Standard due to the inclusion of Goblin Trashmaster, Tin Street Cadet and Raging Goblin. Nevertheless, if you wanted to modify the deck for Best-of-Three after rotation, a good sideboard includes Burning Hands to deal with large green creatures. Relic Robber is another excellent threat that can win a game by itself if you can back it up with anthem effects and removal. Roiling Vortex could be a consideration if life gain decks pick up in popularity, although at the same time I would be wary of sideboarding in too many cards and diluting our tribal synergies.


Header - Upgrades

Faceless HavenShowdown of the SkaldsRally the Ranks


There are two paths to potentially upgrading this deck. One involves staying mono-red and adding a few copies of Faceless Haven as an additional creatureland. I wouldn’t add more than two copies because the deck does need its red mana early when deploying multiple one-drops in the same turn. Another path involves splashing white for Showdown of the Skalds as a great card draw mechanism and Rally the Ranks as an extra anthem effect. The white splash becomes appealing if control decks are popular, as that’s where the extra card advantage is needed to recover from board wipes. Rally the Ranks can also provide a long lasting bonus that’s more resilient to removal. Adding a second color does decrease the overall mana consistency, so it does come at the cost of more mana issues and fewer snow lands for Frost Bite after introducing additional dual lands.

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