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Standard Green Growth by LegenVD


Tangled Florahedron // Tangled ValeSculptor of WinterGarruk's UprisingThe Great Henge


Today’s Standard budget deck requires only eight common, 22 uncommon, four rare and two mythic rare wildcards, assuming you have a couple cards from the starter decks unlocked. This is a midrange creature deck, built around snow synergies from Kaldheim as well as a four-power-matters theme. The deck has some mana acceleration thanks to Tangled Florahedron and Sculptor of Winter and relies on its two draw engines, Garruk’s Uprising and The Great Henge, to win grindy games. While I usually shy away from mythic rares in these budget builds, The Great Henge is a very safe investment for any green creature deck.


Boreal OutriderSpirit of the AldergardBlizzard Brawl


Additional snow synergies include Boreal Outrider, Spirit of the Aldergard and Blizzard Brawl as your removal spell of choice. These snow cards are supported by 20 Snow-Covered Forests in the mana base. Outrider can provide a lot of +1/+1 counters over time, while Spirit is a great individual threat that’ll often come down with at least four power and will only keep growing as the game goes on. It can even enable a turn four The Great Henge when ramped out and benefits greatly from the trample granted by Garruk’s Uprising.


Old-Growth TrollNessian HornbeetleRenata, Called to the Hunt


The rare wildcards are spent on a full set of Old-Growth Troll. This recursive threat also enables a lot of great synergies throughout the deck. It’s a good follow-up to a turn two Nessian Hornbeetle, which will keep picking up +1/+1 counters over time. It also provides three green devotion for Renata, Called to the Hunt. This Demigod can power up any creatures played after it, much like Boreal Outrider and The Great Henge, and represents a lot of damage by herself.


GigantosaurusSnakeskin Veil


Two copies of Gigantosaurus, which can be found in the starter deck, round out your creatures. It’s another big threat that provides ample devotion and synergizes very well with Garruk’s Uprising. Snakeskin Veil is the final inclusion, as a versatile combat trick that can protect your creatures from spot removal.


Header - Sideboard

Elder Gargaroth


If you’re interested in playing this deck in best-of-three you’ll need to find a replacement for Gigantosaurus, which is an Arena-exclusive that’s only legal in best-of-one. Elder Gargaroth is included in one of the starter decks and will be a great substitute. 


Chainweb AracnirScavenging OozePrimal MightGarruk's Harbinger


Chainweb Aracnir is a useful sideboard option against the Rogues deck. Scavenging Ooze can provide graveyard hate and life gain. Primal Might, which can also be found in one of the starter decks, complements Blizzard Brawl as an additional removal spell. Garruk’s Harbinger shines against decks with black removal spells.


Run AfoulOakhame AdversaryGemrazerVivien, Monsters' Advocate


Run Afoul is an elegant solution to Goldspan Dragon and other flyers. Oakhame Adversary is a nice option versus other green decks. Gemrazer is one of the better answers to artifacts and enchantments, although Wilt can also suffice. Finally, you can rely on Garruk, Unleashed or Vivien, Monsters’ Advocate as planeswalkers to diversify your threats against control decks.


Header - Upgrades

Questing BeastVorinclex, Monstrous RaiderCastle Garenbrig


There is definitely still room for improvement in the main deck. Questing Beast comes to mind as a potential replacement for Renata. Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider would also be an excellent curve-topper with a lot of synergy, although it’s at it’s best alongside a set of Castle Garenbrig, which would shrink down Spirit of the Aldergard.


Yorvo, Lord of GarenbrigLovestruck BeastGemrazer


Boreal Outrider is one of the weaker creatures in the main deck, as it’s vulnerable to Stomp from Bonecrusher Giant, which is one of the most-played creatures in Standard. Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig can potentially replace it in limited numbers. Lovestruck Beast is also an option, although then you would potentially want more 1/1 creatures in the deck, such as Swarm Shambler or Stonecoil Serpent. With those inclusions, Gemrazer also becomes an appealing option, as the +1/+1 counters will carry over after the mutation takes place. As you can tell, there are many ways to build a green deck in Standard at higher rarities.

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