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Today’s Standard budget, Boros Burn, deck requires 19 common, 14 uncommon and eight rare wildcards, assuming you have some commons unlocked through the starter decks. This is a controlling Burn deck, trying to control the board early and then take over the late game with its two rare card advantage engines.


Cosmos ElixirRadiant ScrollwielderRevitalize

The two rares in the deck are Cosmos Elixir and Radiant Scrollwielder. Cosmos Elixir requires you to be above 20 life before it can start providing card advantage. Revitalize is an early play that ensures an extra card right away with Elixir. Radiant Scrollwielder giving all your burn spells lifelink will also make it easier to keep a healthy life total.

Your burn spells will initially be used to control the board. Once there are no creatures left to kill, you can point most of them directly at the opponent. Getting two uses out of every card thanks to Scrollwielder ensures that we have enough burn to close out the game.


ShockFrost BiteRip Apart

Your early removal spells include Shock and Frost Bite. The latter can deal three damage as soon as you have your third land in play. Rip Apart has the additional utility of answering artifacts and enchantments, so in certain matchups, it’s best saved as your last answer for creatures.


Roil EruptionSlaying FireIgneous Inspiration

Roil Eruption is a fine removal spell early and can often be kicked by the time we get it back with Scrollwielder. Slaying Fire and Igneous Inspiration are your burn spells at three mana. You also have access to seven sideboard Lessons to learn from. The mana base is entirely made up of snow lands to enable Frost Bite and to keep it budget friendly.


Blazing VolleyCrush the WeakRedcap Melee

Some sideboard slots are already taken up by your Lessons, leaving little room for major changes. In a Best-of-Three environment, it can be worth it to reduce the number of available Lessons to make space for more flexibility after sideboarding.

One of the potential weaknesses of this burn strategy is to decks that can generate multiple small creature tokens, as you don’t always have the resources to answer each one individually. That’s where effects like Blazing Volley or Crush the Weak can come in handy. Redcap Melee is great against any red decks, particularly if they feature Goldspan Dragon. When facing larger creatures like Lovestruck Beast, you can consider answers like Legion’s Judgment or Swift Response, although these can be awkward cards to exile with Scrollwielder as opposed to a burn spell which can always go upstairs.


Jegantha, the WellspringMascot ExhibitionFaceless Haven

With the current main deck configuration, you can include Jegantha, the Wellspring as your companion by replacing it with one of your Lessons. You can also swap out some of your weaker lessons with Illuminate History and Mascot Exhibition. The mana base could also be tweaked to include Faceless Haven as another snow payoff card. This will most likely require Needleverge Pathway as an extra dual land to provide sufficient mana fixing, in turn reducing the number of snow sources for Haven and Frost Bite.

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