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Blue White Flyers - LegenVD


Today’s Standard budget deck requires only 14 common, 10 uncommon and eight rare wildcards, around half of which are lands that’ll be great in many other decks. This is an aggressive blue-white flyers deck, which relies on a few cards that are only legal in Best-of-One Standard, such as Cloudkin Seer and Winged Words. These cards could be replaced for a traditional Standard build, although they’re relatively important for the deck to function.


Skycat SovereignWatcher of the SpheresJubilant Skybonder

One of the rares in the deck is Skycat Sovereign, which is also one of the main payoff cards for playing all these flying creatures. Watcher of the Spheres is another powerful two-drop for the archetype that can enable some explosive starts. Two copies of Jubilant Skybonder protect the team against spot removal as well.


Clarion SpiritCloudkin SeerWinged Words

This is also a great Clarion Spirit deck, as you can easily enable it and the Spirit tokens are especially valuable with Skycat and Watcher. Winged Words and Cloudkin Seer provide the deck with extra cards and help fuel Clarion Spirit to make more tokens.


Faerie Guidemother // Gift of the FaeBattlefield RaptorWarhorn Blast

The one-drops in the deck are Faerie Guidemother and Battlefield Raptor. They enable an early discount for Winged Words or Gust of Wind and make it easier to cast two spells in the same turn for Clarion Spirit. Guidemother can even make a Spirit by herself thanks to the Adventure part. These small creatures also help flood the board to set up a lethal Warhorn Blast.


Brazen Borrower // Petty TheftFrost TricksterGust of Wind

Since your creatures fly, you don’t need too much creature interaction, as you can often win a race in the air. The deck does have a few tools to slow down opposing aggro strategies and make the deck a little less predictable. Brazen Borrower is the most powerful option in Standard, and you get to play with one copy that’s made available for free in the “Aerial Domination” starter deck. Frost Trickster is a nice addition from Strixhaven that can swing a race in your favor, while Gust of Wind is another bounce spell that you get to play at a discount in this deck.


Header - Upgrades

Elite SpellbinderDream StrixShaile, Dean of Radiance // Embrose, Dean of Shadow

There are plenty of powerful flying creatures in Standard, so there’s no lack of options. Elite Spellbinder can provide hand disruption, which is vital for delaying a sweeper by a few turns. Dream Strix is another good value creature that lines up favorably against Stomp from Bonecrusher Giant, as the spell will fizzle and deny the Giant half of the card while still letting you learn. Shaile, Dean of Radiance can also be great in this deck, especially alongside Clarion Spirit

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