Running the Gauntlet – Black/Green Devotion vs. Saito UWR Control

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This is definitely the matchup where the green splash in the devotion deck truly shines. Replacing 3 dead cards in Bile Blight with Abrupt Decay is huge, considering most decks are likely going to be playing anywhere from 4-6 Detention Sphere/Banishing Light. Having access to the Abrupt Decays gives you a maindeck way to get back Underworld Connections. Still, this matchup still seems to favor the U/W deck and I felt we got a little lucky in the preboarded games as Sphinx’s Revelation was never drawn or cast.

After sideboard, the matchup looks to be in the G/B deck’s favor. The combination of 8 hand disruption cards with Abrupt Decays makes it so that there is a very good chance that either the Underworld Connections and/or Erebos¬†resolve. Those are the key cards in the matchup and if they manage to stay in play for a few turns, the game gets out of hand fairly quickly. All that being said, the UW deck always has a fighting chance as there is nothing that can be done about a topdecked Sphinx’s Revelation late.

Tomorrow I take on Jund Monsters.

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