Running the Standard Gauntlet – Black/Green Devotion vs. Boss Flamespeaker

Deck Lists

The Candidate: BG Devotion

The Gauntlet Deck: Boss Flamespeaker


This is definitely a matchup where the deck gets punished for playing an additional color. The Overgrown Tombs and Golgari Guildgates are far worse than the basic Swamps that would be in the typical Mono-Black Devotion deck as you are sometimes forced to take additional damage to cast your spells in the early turns of the game.

The matchup preboard seems fairly bad—there are many cards that just aren’t effective in the matchup such as Underworld Connections and Thoughtseize. After sideboard, those cards get replaced by additional removal spells, and both Pharika’s Cure and Golgari Charm drastically improve the matchup.

That being said, this still feels like a fairly bad matchup as the preboarded games are in the mono-red deck’s favor and post-board games still seemed very close.


[Editor’s Note: The wrong deck list for Boss Flamespeaker was posted.]


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