Running the Gauntlet – BG Devotion vs. RW Burn

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BG Devotion

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RW Burn

This matchup seems incredibly rough for the GB Devotion deck. There are so few creatures in the RW deck that most of your removal gets blanked and even when you use a removal spell to kill an Eidolon or a Chandra’s Phoenix, you still end up getting punished one way or another. The only way to conceivably win this matchup is to go first and drop a Desecration Demon as soon as possible. It’s also important to try and play around Skullcrack and getting to resolve a Devour Flesh on your own Desecration Demon will likely come up often. There are just so many bad cards in this matchup (Thoughtseize, Underworld Connections, Hero’s Downfall) and the only way to win the match would be to have a well prepared sideboard.

The R/W deck is a great choice when the metagame is filled with Mono-Black Devotion but one that gets significantly weaker once people start recognizing that the deck is real and put powerful hosers into their sideboard (Nyx-Fleece Ram, Fiendslayer Paladin, etc).

The post-board games did seem to get better as many of the actively bad cards like Underworld Connections were cut for Pharika’s Cures and Doom Blades. Removal isn’t at its best here but still better than cards that actively help out the opponent’s strategy of burning you out. If the BG Devotion deck really wanted to have a good answer to RW Burn, packing 4 copies of Staff of the Death Magus is probably the best solution. In a field heavy with aggressive red creature and burn decks, a combination of Pharika’s Cure, Staff of the Death Magus, and Whip of Erebos should probably be good enough to turn the matchup around and make it close.


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