Quest for the Circle of Loyalty (Throne of Eldraine Spoilers)

We want to thank Wizards of the Coast for providing us with these previews! Follow the journey through our social media to see all five previews! If you missed #5, you can find it on IGN.

Throne of Eldraine Preview Quest

Chapter One: Tournament Grounds

Hear ye, hear ye, today on the FOURth of September, for your listening pleasure, we present the Quest for the Circle of Loyalty. Join the brave Sir Riley, King Toffel the First, and Jamin the Mysterious on their noble quest through the lands of social media to find the legendary artifact. Their epic adventure begins here:

Chapter Two: Wintermoor Commander

The quest continues on Instagram

Wintermoor Commander

Chapter Three: Fireborn Knight

The quest continues on Twitter

Fireborn Knight

Chapter Four: Embereth Shieldbreaker

The quest continues on YouTube

Embereth Shieldbreaker

Chapter Five: Circle of Loyalty

The quest concludes on Facebook:

Circle of Loyalty

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