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Historic Powerful Posteriors by LegenVD



Header - Powerful Posteriors

Assault FormationHuatli, the Sun's Heart

Today’s Historic budget deck requires only 12 common, 20 uncommon and anywhere between four and 16 rare wildcards. The only nonland rare in the deck is Assault Formation, although for smooth operating, some number of blue-green dual lands are recommended. The deck is built around Assault Formation and Huatli, the Sun’s Heart, which make the deck’s high toughness creatures deal massive amounts of damage. Each opening hand should have one of these cards for it to be deemed keepable. None of the creatures in the deck actually have defender, so the only time you need to activate Assault Formation is to increase the toughness of your team to deal some extra damage.      


Aegis TurtleMerfolk SecretkeeperSurge Mare

The deck has a very linear game plan and isn’t very interactive. The first few turns are spent deploying high toughness creatures to set up for the inevitable enabler. Aegis Turtle is the best option at one mana, boasting a whopping five toughness. Merfolk Secretkeeper and Shorecomber Crab have to settle for just four. Shorecomber Crab also happens to be an Arena-exclusive card, meaning it’s only legal in the Best-of-One Historic format. Surge Mare is a great option at two mana, as it also provides a useful looting effect that can help get rid of excess copies of Assault Formation and Huatli. A noncreature option that could achieve similar results is Chart a Course, which didn’t make the final cut due to being a little too slow.


OrnithopterTower DefenseTetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive

Now it’s time for some of the more exciting cards. Ornithopter speeds up the deck significantly by providing a free flying creature that starts out at two toughness. Draws including one or more copies of Ornithopter can even lead to a win on turn three if paired with Tower Defense. This combat trick potentially represents a lot of additional damage out of nowhere. Tetsuko rounds out the deck by making the entire team unblockable and can also lead to surprise lethal. 


Header - Sideboard Options

Spell PierceLocthwain GargoyleChart a Course

While you could take the deck into a Best-of-Three environment by replacing Shorecomber Crab with a weaker alternative like Locthwain Gargoyle, it won’t fare well against a field of Thoughtseize decks. Potential sideboard options would include cheap counterspells like Spell Pierce to counter sweeper effects. Additional card draw like Chart a Course can replace some of the more conditional cards like Tower Defense and Tetsuko in matchups where the deck might struggle to resolve its enablers. Grafdigger’s Cage is another powerful hate card that doesn’t affect this deck at all, although I would advise against oversideboarding in such a focused strategy that requires enough synergy to be functional.


Header - Downgrades

Temple of MysteryShielded Aether ThiefThornwood Falls

Normally I would suggest potential upgrades for the deck, but this week I featured the fully upgraded deck in the video with all the rare lands you could possibly need. Instead, I’ll include a deck list that doesn’t have any rare lands besides the Temple of Mystery that you get in one of the starter decks. To account for the lack of dual lands, I increased the land count from 22 to 24. Thornwood Falls and Temple of Mystery still give you four lands that can produce both colors of mana at the cost of coming into play tapped. Arboreal Grazer was cut to make room for the extra lands and Surge Mare was replaced with Shielded Aether Thief, which is much easier to cast with the new mana limitations. Ideally, you can slowly upgrade this into the final build by introducing more rare lands, starting with Botanical Sanctum and Breeding Pool. The upcoming Barkchannel Pathway in Kaldheim will also make for a fine addition to the mana base.


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