Monday Meta #30 – Standard and Historic Power Rankings Discussion

This week Martin and Mashi dive into the top decks in both Standard and Historic. Is Mono-Green Food really the top dog in Standard or just an anomaly? Is a Colorless deck the best deck in Historic? All this plus Robotic Mashi in this week’s Monday Meta.

You can catch the Monday Meta LIVE every Monday at Midday PST at twitch.tv/martinjuza.

Show notes:

3:00 – Standard Power Rankings
5:30 – Temur Ramp Discussion
11:00 – Mono-Green Food Discussion
15:00 – Esper Doom Foretold Discussion
18:00 – Dimir Rogues Discussion
23:00 – Dimir Control Discussion
28:30 – Historic Power Rankings
29:00 – Mono-Brown (Colorless) Ramp Discussion
36:30 – Why is Historic Auras so low in the ranks?
38:30 – Historic Mono Red Questions
41:00 – Kaladesh Remastered’s Impact on Historic
43:00 – Should we Ban Uro (and Muxus) in Historic?
45:30 – How to approach the Historic metagame
48:30 – What would Martic submit for a Historic Tourney today?
49:30 – In this metagame are you leaning towards control?
50:00 – Final Historic Thoughts


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