Modern Monday: B/W Enduring Ideal

I don’t normally take submissions for Modern Monday, simply because I’ve tried this before—I even had a dedicated email address for the submissions—and the amount of submissions got out of hand. While I often can’t look at all the decks I receive, sometimes I find one that’s too exciting to pass up.

Usually you can take a look at a deck and figure out if it’s going to be able to hold its own or if it needs a good deal of work. While it harkens back to a tier 2 Extended deck, today’s deck seemed pretty sweet. It was sent to me on Twitter by Elliott Dent and it’s a variation on the classic Enduring Ideal strategy. Let’s take a look-see. (Is it “look-see” or “looksie”? I suppose you could use either, with the later simply being a cute variation of “look.” Huh.)

B/W Enduring Ideal

As you can see, we have your basic Enduring Ideal/Mono-White Enchantments package. Only instead of things like Form of the Dragon and Dovescape for the win condition and the lock, we have a sweet little Curse package with Curse of Death’s Hold and Overwhelming Splendor, which also act as a pretty sweet lock. Unfortunately, without Dovescape, these two enchantments are susceptible to enchantment removal or being bounced, though due to their costs, at least they can’t use Abrupt Decay or Natural State.

The win conditions are the single Luminarch Ascension, Cruel Reality, or Heliod, God of the Sun, but realistically, this is the kind of deck where you should rarely have to actually “win,” so much as your opponents just conceding when you’ve demonstrated any kind of frustrating soft lock against them. Let’s see if that’s the case.

Any time I can win a few matches and also take a few others to game 3, with a deck I’m testing for the first time, I feel pretty good. That being said, there were some aspects of this deck I did not like.

Suppression Field always seems iffy in Modern. Leyline of Sanctity I get. Many decks target you with spells. Cards like Sphere of Safety and Ghostly Prison I get. Many decks attack you with creatures. Not every deck has activated abilities, however, and most of them aren’t that backbreaking. Furthermore, this ends up making a lot of your lands and your single Luminarch Ascension worse. If you want these, just put them in the sideboard.

And if you’re putting two Suppression Fields in the sideboard, you might as well add Solemnity to the main deck. This is basically a lock with Phyrexian Unlife, and I have no idea why there isn’t at least 1 copy in the main deck to search out with Enduring Ideal. It basically does the same thing Form of the Dragon does, only you can hard cast it and it’s a great main-deck card against certain decks. While the card is narrow, this is the best possible home for it in Modern.

While I love the Curse package, I’m not sure it’s doing enough. You have Curse of Death’s Hold and Overwhelming Splendor to stop their creatures, but don’t Sphere of Safety and Ghostly Prison also do that? Conversely, I do like the inclusion of Curse of Misfortunes as a sort of mini Enduring Ideal. What the correct direction to go is, I don’t know. Maybe adding more Curses? Maybe less?

No instant-speed interaction hurts against some decks, specifically the blue decks, but that’s the price you have to pay when playing a deck like this that overloads on enchantments.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the white-based enchantment decks, with or without Enduring Ideal, and this one was no exception. While it’s still a work in progress, I’m glad to see it’s being developed and I hope to see it find some success in the near future!

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