Modern… Monday? B/R Control

Once again I was able to find a unique little deck for Modern Monday—which has been decidedly delayed due to my attendance of Grand Prix New Jersey. So you have my apologies for that!

While it isn’t the first time I’ve played a deck with this creature as a finisher, today’s is one of my favorites. Of course I’m talking about Demigod of Revenge, which has no problem being discarded or bringing along its friends. Good on you, Demigod!

Other than that, Magic Online user MagicDevil666—whose decks I believe I’ve piloted before—packed this list full of every reasonable removal or discard spell they could think of. Take a look.

B/R Control

But wait, there’s more! In addition to finishing games with Demigod of Revenge, you also have access to one Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, one Chandra, Torch of Defiance, and one Pia and Kiran Nalaar, bringing your total number of win conditions in the main deck up to 8. No slouches, any of them! This is also a Blood Moon deck, with 4 copies of the oppressive enchantment in the main deck.

But enough about all that. Let’s roll that beautiful bean footage!

Hmm. So, to start, one of my biggest problems with decks that act like control decks in Modern is having infinite blank removal spells against decks that don’t fight on that axis. Take Tron, for example. You have about a million cards to board out, but way fewer cards to bring in. With only 8 win conditions and no additional artifact removal in the sideboard, I wouldn’t mind having the extra 2 Kolaghan’s Commands in the main deck, or the sideboard at least. Something like Shatterstorm is also fine, but you don’t see much Affinity nowadays, and if you’re trying to kill something like Oblivion Stone, the Command is just better.

Speaking of the sideboard, 6 graveyard hate cards is a lot. I know Dredge is a terror, but couldn’t we consider moving to 2 Damnation and 2 Anger of the Gods in the main deck? I feel like that gives you a little more game against them, while not diluting your power against aggressive decks.

While you do have 8 win conditions, they’re all kind of fragile, and I’m not sure it’s enough. I love Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet and Demigod of Revenge as much (or more, in the case of the Demon) than the next guy, but it felt like you simply don’t draw them quickly enough sometimes, giving your opponent plenty of time to dig their way out of the hole you’ve put them in. With only 23 lands, a lot of them being fetches, you can also understand that you don’t always get to five lands easily, especially with Faithless Looting creating card disadvantage.

I would advocate Dark Confidant, but your casting costs are a little on the heavy side. Night’s Whisper could be better, especially since you have little to play on turn 2 aside from Terminate. Sure, it doesn’t have flashback, or allow you to discard Demigod, but it might still be worth considering. Another card that might be right at home is Phyrexian Arena, but you might want more life gain before going down that road, along with the fact that your 3-slot is packed.

While I wish it weren’t the case, losing to Tron Twice and Burn once makes sense when you look at the deck. You have 9 fetchlands, 2 Thoughtseize, and numerous cards that are ineffective against Burn, like Blood Moon and Damnation. As for Tron, well, I think I have those grievances covered.

I love decks that are simple, don’t get too fancy, and resemble control decks. I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more oomph in this one, but I’m a fan nonetheless.

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