Modern Monday: Black-White Tokens

B/W Tokens has pretty much always had a place in Modern. It has disruption, great sideboard options, the ability to swarm the board, and efficient recovery plans. One of the best parts of the deck is how much you can customize it. Sometimes the decks contain Tidehollow Sculler, or Hero of Bladehold, or Raise the Alarm. These are some of the more popular options and, interestingly enough, are all absent from today’s list.

The version I’m taking a look at today was piloted by Magic Online user Yamakiller in late April. Thankfully, B/W Tokens doesn’t really go out of season, so a Modern deck being a month old isn’t really a deal-breaker barring the release of a new set.

Black-White Tokens Deck

B/W Tokens typically curves out by turn 3 and then has a few haymakers in the 4 spot, so having 4 planeswalkers there is interesting. I do also have 24 lands and no Windbrisk Heights, which is usually another auto-include in the archetype due to how easy it is to get 3 creatures in play (often with a single card).

As I always mention when I’m playing a white deck, I think Stony Silence and Rest in Peace are some of the strongest and most well-rounded white sideboard cards available, and having this few of them just feels bad. I’m not mad—I’m just disappointed. I don’t like Surgical Extraction better than Rest in Peace in the decks where I want that kind of effect. I could see nabbing all of a combo deck’s pieces, but you have to get it in the graveyard for that to happen. Unless I’m missing some insightful interaction here…

Nevertheless, let’s get to it.

I wished I had access to either Timely Reinforcements or Leyline of Sanctity. Even if I don’t get the tokens, Timely is great against Burn decks, essentially making them discard 2 cards. The only better rate on life is probably Rest for the Weary, but the upside of Timely is worth the additional mana cost and life discount. Leyline is another great white sideboard card that shuts down a lot of the format, from discard spells to burn spells to Grapeshot.

Speaking of which, Storm seems like a difficult matchup. Even if I could have dealt with the Platinum Emperion, I still wouldn’t be in great shape, as I noticed in-game. I think I would have been able to deal an extra 6 points or something. The problem is not being able to interact with them outside of discard spells. This is where the aforementioned Leyline could come in, or maybe something like Rule of Law, or the creature version, Eidolon of Rhetoric. I also think having access to Raise the Alarm would be a boon here as it gives you faster starts, allowing you to potentially attack for 4 damage as early as turn 3. While not a token, Tidehollow Sculler is another creature that offers disruption while advancing your board.

I would love to another Auriok Champion in the deck. They seem well-positioned right now with all the Death’s Shadow decks running around, and against burn decks. Kor Firewalker is another similar option, as you really need help against red decks.

I usually love B/W Tokens as an archetype, and I think it can compete, but I would make some of the aforementioned tweaks to this particular list. Thanks a ton for reading and I’ll catch you later!


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