24 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #98 – U.S. Nationals Recap”

  1. Fuckin right! Great to see Mr. Ochoa on here after his sweet finish at Nats. Looking forward to more content.

  2. Lol so much for stoneforge.format at PT Philly. Looks like you’ll actually have to work now LSV. I was impressed by the CFB showing at Nationals, and I’ll be interested to see what the team deck is for modern.

  3. Ali’s level 4 and got 19th at worlds last year, in addition to having played in 5 or 6 pro tours. So he should add a bit more experience than Eason.

  4. @TaaNop Didn’t know that. I suppose they want to keep the ownership of the content involving game play, but do not care too much about discussions of the game.

  5. I never realized how important TSG is too magic tv! Glad to see ocho but I will be looking forward to TSGs glorious return. Nice job guys! Go go team CF! Bring us some modern!! w00t! Sweet new format!!

  6. @ Harrison So true! I’m not a competitive player, but I’m disappointed that my Zoo deck is suddenly the deck to beat. Really unanticipated there, I hope they reduce the banned list to just clamp and the artifact lands at some point. We need to get Jace and White Demonic tutor back in there at some point for some epic battles with Super Jund.

  7. I’m hoping someone brews up some awesome combo (dredgers/bridge/narco are legal, dragonstorm/pyroswath are legal, pickles is legal, and who knows what else) that makes the ban list kind of unnecessary. The card pool is too large to pick on cards like Jace.

  8. @Freedom: Magic TV is always on YouTube for some reason. I don’t know why they have to use the other player on all their other videos. It’s annoying, cause the other player doesn’t work on one of my computers. -.-

    ~ Acarna

  9. thanks for the shoutout LSV, it was a great match. You played extremely well, walked me into Day game 2 and developed your board enough to resolve your bigger spells game 3. I felt I played my best lines available, but you had the answers and certainly got me.

    My team didn’t play Gideon (although I fought for it) because we had designed so much of the deck against aggro and caw in the first place with Lavamancers, etc. and we felt it would hurt our Twin/Val matchups too much, but I definitely missed it quite often. We built it to be the best tempo version, but it became attrition battles much more than we would have hoped for.

    I agree on Spellskite, kept 2 of my 3 in but I decided it was wrong after the match as well. I chose to keep some because, in theory, my Emeria would trump typical UW’s with 8 fetches, and I felt that was my best way to get an advantage and attempt to battle Gideon. Into the Roil + Dismember were not enough reason however, and the liability of it vs Days (which were of course already getting maxed out because of the Lavamancers in my list) was unnecessary.

  10. Ali’s level 4 and got 19th at worlds last year, in addition to having played in 5 or 6 pro tours. So he should add a bit more experience than Eason.


  11. you guys nailed the volume levels of the intro and outro. thank you thank you thank you thank you.

  12. Another shout-out to Nick Edgerle from one of the (sort of) local guys. Congrats on doing so well at Nats. Hopefully I can make it out to GR more often than I have been lately.

    I can’t say enough good things about him. Always willing to help noobs like myself with deck advice, gameplay decisions, and what have you.

    Good luck in any and all future tourneys!

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