25 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #89 – New Phyrexia Prerelease Weekend”

  1. I wish I had waited to get into legacy until AFTER they printed mental misstep…

  2. @Harrison Hite:

    ouch that sucks! s’ why i decided to get into mono W stax instead of any other deck. My deck wasnt effected at all by mental misstep. It may have gotten better, actually. Every other deck i’ll ever play against will be a 56 card deck, with 4 auto-blanks XD XD

  3. @Harrison Hite

    Because it counters your FoW, goyf, and lands so well?

    if you were playing a deck that now fold to mental misstep, you were doing it wrong

  4. @Brand

    The most affected decks are gobo’s and vail decks now FoW is even more powered. Legacy wil just turn into a degenerate control affair where storm and aggro dont get a look in.

    I dont think “doing it wrong” when a new card is printed is quite right considering storm combo and to a lesser extend weld kept control in check.

    The biggest impact will be on vial decks. Allowing a print of a hoser that efficiently has to be played around in two ways:
    1. Being able to misstep when tapped out when storm or gobos or zoo should be able to fight back.
    2. Giving FoW a great target for discard is pretty warping.

    If a new lackey got reprinted into a “cannot be countered” for phyrexian mana would others be able to say. “You were doing it wrong?”

  5. @ Harry Hite, mental mistep wont be that balls in legacy. the only decks that can use it efficvly already have tons of countermagic.9/10 times they’re just gonna dump it to FOW. and if you cant get around FOW you should just stick with t2 and extended.

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  7. Luis Dominguez

    LSV, I used your set review as a guide during my sealed prerelease, and i got 1st place out of 40 people ! Thank you so much!

  8. Only got 4th out of 36 but owe a debt of gratitude to LSV. Thanks CF staff. 🙂

  9. So i got pwn3d in my prerelease, i opened a phyrexian obliterator and 4 jank black cards. Should i have played the 7-10 swamps needed to run the obliterator? Being quad black was a bit unsettling. I literally had 0 playable in black except the obliterator.

  10. I wasn’t black or green in the prerelease and I went 4 and 0 with a white/red infect deck. I did splash black though, but only for a fume spitter and a grim affliction. I also had Karn. Didn’t hurt.

  11. with 10swamps he’s probably best viewed as a 3BBBB card

    with 7 it’s more like 6BBBB

  12. troublestarts

    I got 16’d for exactsies at the Prerelease by Shrine of Burning Rage with 11 counters. My opponent was going to die on the next turn and I thought the game was wrapped up. Then he goes Volt Charge you, add a counter to the shrine, proliferate the shrine, gg. Yeah….

  13. @about Fallen Feromancer
    In my prerelease i cast fallen feromancer 6 times and i could only activate him once. 4 mana with one toughness is way to fragile. Especially with all the pith drillers that everyone has access to.

  14. I went 4-0 at my prerelease and placed 1st! Thanks for the set review and awesome articles! I played G/W mid-range with some sweet removal and a sunblast angel and a pair of thundering tanadons won me plenty of games. Phyrexian mana against infect is unreal!

  15. Went big with 6 and 7 mana spells at my prerelease and placed 2nd with 5-1 losing only to the winner of the tournament. The chancelors were nice in there but the best card I had was old scars “Sword of body and mind”. Followed by volition reins and a scrapdiver serpent. All NPH cards I opened were almost complete carbage. 🙁

  16. Nice, after 11 minutes of talking about cards to look for in the prerelease they mentioned one that I actually opened. Gut shot was probably one of the best cards in my pool, in power level.

  17. @ MainyBill – Your deck sounds like the one I played against this weekend. Were you at the Legendary Lotus? If you were, you’re the guy I lost to in round 2.

    I took 2nd at my prerelease thanks to an in depth look at LSV’s reviews. My favorite play of possibly my magic career happened. My opponent was at 5 poison counters, and had a Spined Thopter, a Tumble Magnet with 3 counters, and an Ogre Menial with 3 -1/-1 Counters on it thanks to my now dead Ichorclaw Myr. While I had a board of Gremlin Mine and Corpse Cur equipped with Livewire Lash. On the end of his turn, I reached for my Gremlin Mine, and he reached for his Thopter. He was shocked when I removed counters from his Magnet. 😀 Then on my turn, I played Leeching Bite targetting his Ogre and my Corpse Cur. This triggered the Livewire Lash ability, shooting his Thopter. I swung in for 5 Infect, winning the game. Such sweet value. 😀

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