33 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #79 – Mirrodin Besieged Hit or Myth”

  1. There are grusome encores stuck in humphrey….you guys will never let that joke die will you? XD

  2. When the set was first spoiled, I was glad to see the list of “Play this or you’re screwed” mythics was only two cards long. Seriously , we needed a break from this sh*t. Now, it just seems like Tezz will be a more fair Jace replacement after Jace rotates. Luis’ comments about the sword being ok because you don’t need four even though it’s a staple… well, that’s just dumb luck that it happens to be an equipment. Next time we won’t be lucky.

    WoTC’s advertising of Thrun as an answer to Jace was sickening. Marketing a tournament Mythic as the answer to another tournament Mythic? Thanks, jackwagons.

    I’m not looking forward to this fall at all. Feels like BSA will rotate out of M12, since the price just came down to the point where I actually acquired some. I have Vengevines and Cobras now, too, so I guess I better get playing standard while I can. Yep, this fall is gonna suck: the Staple Mythic beat rate seems to be about 3 per set… If you figure an initial hyped cost of $40 (like Koth Started at) then for playsets that’s 12 cards times $40 each, or $480, and happening once every 3 months. $160 bucks a month is a car payment for some folks.

    The alternative? Loosing more matches. whee. I think I’ll go play some Starcraft.

  3. wrench217: may i recommend limited magic and sharing card pools with friends for constructed events?

  4. wrench217 : no need to own ALL standard decks.
    I personally hate valakut decks and don’t own any green titans.. However I love control so I own Jaces, etc.. just a question of personal choice

  5. wrench217: Sounds like someone’s whining. I didn’t think they marketed thrun as an answer to jace, we already have answers to jace. As for how the good equipment being “blind luck”, i don’t know how you’ve talked yourself into the fact that WotC just make cards at random and squirt them out, but you need to wake up and realise that this is a large number of people’s full time job. They spend all their time making sure that formats are balanced, and I can assure you that they knew that stoneforge would be good with sofaf.

  6. Glissa and Consecrated Sphinx are both massive beatings in Block constructed, I really fell they are both Hits. The heros could have been rare. Online Mirran Crusader is about the same as Hero of bladehold and she didnt even get the promo there!

  7. I dont understand why this one focused on viability over the “flavor” since the other ones focused more on the mythic “feel” of the cards.

    seem a little inconsistant.

  8. @wrench217: I hear what you’re saying. Fortunately for me I like to play aggro decks which tend to be a lot cheaper than control decks :-). You should try and play more limited though. If you get better at drafts and sealed you will be able to win more packs, which means you will have more chances to open sweet mythics which you can trade for other sweet mythics or sell to your store for credit and buy the stuff you need. That’s how I build up my trade stock. Only caveat is you have to get good at limited. Ever since my third draft I have never had a draft where I was shut out of prizes (except a weird draft where there were a bunch of 1-0-1’s after round 2 for some odd reason).

    But yeah if you have a good relationship with your shop you can borrow cards from them too. I’m thinking of borrowing an entire legacy deck from my store to play in the legacy GP in Providence.

  9. Hey Jack,
    here’s your marketing of Thrun vs Jace, courtesy of WoTC:

    .. and I am sure, as you point out, that magic cards are designed very thoughtfully. That thought, however, is to maximize the sale of cases of cards, and not to make formats into fabulous and balanced places, or to have mercy on us based on the existence of Stoneforge Mystic
    As consumers, we have no idea what form the next chase mythic is going to be (though guessing “planeswalker” is probably a good idea) , so it’s essentially random to us.. You’re asking all of us to have faith in the folks who created the Faeries, followed it with Jund, and then printed Jace and the Titans. I have faith in them, yes, but it’s faith that they’re trying to sell product by creating the “next big thing” every time a format rotates. Sorry if you can’t see my point over all this “whining” I’m doing, but you’ll be ok(!).

    When tournament power is concentrated (not exclusively, I’m sure folks will point out, but to the degree it’s been since Zendikar) at Mythic Rare, it’s good for sales. Because as consumers, we’re dumb and we think we’ll actually pull a Jace from the 7 Packs of Worldwake we can afford this week.

    Sigurd: I like limited a lot, yes- drafting has always been fun. However, it is no longer possible to use drafting to maintain a collection of constructed cards to keep up with rotations, since all the power is at mythic and you just can’t pull enough of them. I have borrowed Mythics from friends, as well, but sometimes there aren’t enough to go around even over several people.

  10. The reason Praetor’s Counsel doesn’t give you an emblem is because it doesn’t affect a set of objects.

    Normally, effects like that would only affect the relevant objects that are in play when the effect resolves. Emblems exist for abilities that want to affect every relevant object for the rest of the game.

  11. I actually love Praetor’s Counsel. feels extremely epic to get back 10+ cards during a slow end game, and you don’t even have to discard any of them.

    Agreed with Consecrated Sphinx now that you mention it though.

  12. Seems like the evaluation this time focused more on viability and power level than the flavor as before. Wizards seems to be slowly conditioning us to accepting high powered Mythics as the norm.

  13. Consecrated Sphinx is definitely a hit when you cast it in a 5 player game…

    I know you guys aren’t the target audience for that card, but as somebody who is, it makes my head spin when I get a 4/6 and 8 cards before somebody removes it. Multiplayer decks run far less spot removal and far more mass removal, so if you sandbag Consecrated Sphinx as long as you possibly can until the board has been swept a couple of times, it is not uncommon for it to survive until you untap (once). Played earlier it just dies instantly of course, but if it lives through just a few of your opponents turns, it really swings the game in your favor.

  14. Consecrated Sphinx and Praetors counsil are both for casual players/multiplayer/EDH. In these kinds of games the effects are amazingly powerful.

  15. I definitely want to echo Hambot here. When discussing all of these mythics on the show, they were only discussed in the context of Limited and competitive Constructed. The EDH player base is pretty significant (as indicated by the new EDH Top 25 Movers ticker) and some of these mythics, Praetor’s Counsel and Consecrated Sphinx specifically, are massive EDH bombs. Pretty much every blue EDH (should) runs Consecrated Sphinx and is often put on the level of Primeval Titan. Nowhere was this mentioned in the video and their EDH play has to be taken into account when considering if a card is mythic or not.

    Relevant question: TSG and LSV do you both play EDH at all?

  16. In addition. For what its worth, when playing my Vorosh (BUG commander if you didn’t know) the first card I tutor for is ALWAYS Praetor’s Counsel. If I get to resolve it, I pretty much win the game from there.

  17. HAMBOT and MAX: Dont under-estimate the wish for balance also by the EDH/multiplayers – also those players are capable of seeing how over the top the Consecrated Sphinx is.

  18. Whats with the “Marie” dirty alteration?

    Also I don’t like how every mythic is a “hit” which in other words means it will destroy you 90% of the time in limited.
    I’d like a draft format where you don’t just always slam the rare/mythic again.

  19. I will agree on Praetor’s Counsel not feeling Mythic, but Consecrated Sphinx (to me) is a great mythic. Goliath Sphinx is a powerful blue Rare flier with no abilities. I think that the card drawing makes Consecrated Sphinx mythic.

  20. Hey LSV when is the next episode of deck DR coming? I thought it was supposed to be a weekly thing? I love those please bring them back!

  21. @Max

    I’m pretty sure LSV said something in a previous Magic TV about only playing casual magic on very rare occasions, and not owning an EDH deck. After all, who would want to play EDH when they could just play 0-proxy vintage?

  22. As someone who played Warp World in standard when it was in, Praetor’s Counsel is NOT like Warp World, the two are not even comparable. Warp World changes the entire board entirely. Praetor’s Counsel does nothing when you cast it unless you somehow flash it in with the crappy leyline and even then.. it’s just not a good spell yet. It’s an EDH card at best right now.

    Warp World wasn’t mythic. Just sayin’.

  23. @Prelmeeoh: yes, indeed, I am.
    I was designed to crush jaces and empower midrange jank. You can’t target me with flames, and I regenerate if the forum crashes.

    My cash value, btw, is also plummeting. 🙂

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  25. @wrench217 and his enemies:

    Too often there is good criticism of WotC on these forums and it is dismissed as troll haterade. Wrench is 100% right. The concentration of tournament staples into mythic rarity is meant to sell packs. Period.

    Even if you don’t hate mythic rares, is there anyone that actually likes mythic rarity? Would we be complaining if mythic rarity disappeared?

    Formats that suck:

    Formats that rule:

    F*ck DCI, let mtg players decide how to compete.

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